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Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Fantasy Armour vs real Armour

Armour , according to our friends at Wikipedia is protective covering used to prevent damage from being inflicted, not an astoundingly difficult concept you would have thought. Here then is  a real woman in armour...




Champion of Longsword- Harcourt Park International Jousting Tournament, 2013

(reblog, because we don’t see enough women in armour who are kick ass swordfighters)

real armour

As worn, indeed, when she became the Champion of European Long-sword at Harcourt Park International Jousting Tournament, 2013. Not woman's champion I may add, she beat men and women to win the title. Swinging that big heavy long-sword, which though blunted for obvious reasons still weigh in at 2.5lds and swung in anger can break bones and cause no end of damage to the unprotected. 
Its' a fairly safe bet therefore that when swing big heavy European long swords about, and importantly having them swung at her, a woman chose's armour that actually protects those vital organs, bones and skin.

Fantasy armour from world of warcraft
Image result for bad breastplate for women
female blood elf armour 


So can you spot the difference, between real armour and fantasy armour? For it would seem to me that it is decoration rather than protection. Either that or the trio above have no actual vital organs that need protecting. The 'real' armour of the second picture is based on a blood elf armour set, notice the lack of protecting, well much to be honest. Even the shoulder guards do little to protect the actual shoulders... 

The sad part is not that the fantasy armour is decorative rather than protective. I am not greatly concerned by this in comic books, games and movies. If that is the male equivalent in those same comic books, games and movies followed the same rules. However in general male fantasy armour is heavy, bulky, and indeed effective if overly ornate. From this one can assume the male characters have actually got vital organs to protect. or perhaps one organ closely linked to the male ego to protect.  

This is I am sure far from news to anyone. it has all been said before and better by others.
Indeed I recommend +  as an entertaining view point of the issue. 

This is I know a minor rant , but it is something which seldom ceases to amaze me. I understand the intent behind decorative none functional armour, and sure it looks nice, sometimes. But occasionally its nice to see some fantasy try and be a little more realistic, and a little less, here's her boob's insert your sword here...