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Sunday, 22 September 2013

Occasional Movie review , The Call

Occasional movie review

The Call ,
staring Halle Berry

*******************Spoiler's alert ************************

I caught a showing of The Call on a whim. Its not my normal fare been a straight thriller. Generally i am more of a horrar / sfi fan when it comes to the box office.But it had Halle Berry in a lead role which is normally a good sign. She seldom takes on movies that don't have something going for them, and a Friday night with nothing else planned a trip to the local cinema had a sudden appeal.

The Call (2013) Poster

To give this a short review, it was one of the best films i have seen this year. Its not perfect, the set up for the third act is forced to an extent but its flaws are forgivable. Because what this movie has in its favor is a superb script, a lack of the usual tropes, and fine acting.  the two female leads carry the whole movie. And importantly, for me at least the resolution, indeed the whole film is one where the female characters are portrayed as strong, intelligent, resourceful and  not in need of a man to come to their rescue. While one is a victim, kidnapped, and facing almost certain death at the hands of the abductor. It is never portrayed even slightly as her fault. the only factor in her abduction is the color of her hair. Halle's character, a 911 call operator is strong minded, fast thinking, and in the end tough when it counts, despite making a mistake which she feels costs someone there life in the first act. The movie hangs on the interaction and relationship between the two lead female characters, the second played wonderfully by Abigail Breslin. Which leads to the problem with the third act which some have claimed is a flaw with the movie. But it is hard to see how they could have taken the plot forward and keep the interplay between the characters another way.
importantly, I feel, the final resolution, which comes from the actions of both characters ( which is what takes Abigails characters beyond mere victim ) works perfectly. Indeed was the final piece in the jigsaw which made this the fabulous film it is.

It makes a great change to see a movie carried by female leads, who are well rounded solid characters. Who at no point need a man to help them through. the male characters , indeed all the supporting cast are equally well rounded characters who could be male or female , without detracting from there characters.

Hollywood makes great movies some times , and awful ones other times.  What it seldom makes is movies which give female leads the chance to carry the film. And the more that happens the better .

if i gave its stars , it would be five out of five