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Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Twisting Dark Anthology 

Having learned a great deal about how to publish a book in the last few months I have decided to turn my hand to editing and producing an anthology. The aim is to use it to promote self-published and aspiring authors, and give them an outlet.

Back in the dim distant past new and aspiring authors could write for and submit to an endless list of anthology magazines, Amazing stories. Weird tales and dozens of others.

Where would we be without the strand magazine publishing the adventures of Arthur Conan Doyle's consulting detective, Dickens original's published in episodes, or weird tales publishing the likes of Ray Bradbury, Ron Howard and H.P.Lovercraft. The anthology magazines were the jump off point for so many writers who have become iconic and brought the world wonderful characters which have becomes pillars of our culture. This is a short list because the long list of authors and characters brought to us through the medium of anthologies over the years would full several blogs to bursting. 

Sadly the age of the anthology magazine is long behind us. Luckily however we live in the age of the internet, and the internet is full of blog posts and short stories. The medium of the short story is alive and well.

However with full knowledge of the wonders of the internet we take for granted, there is much to be said for the older form. The joy of curling up with a magazine or a book and reading. Or indeed having a book of short stories to enjoy on your kindle or other device. There is also something to be said for having a collection of writers together under one banner.

Which brings me to my actual point.  Having learned how to type set, edit and collate a novel for print on demand publishing and e-book publishing. I want to make use of these new found skills in order to produce an anthology of my own. A collection of tales by new self-published authors and aspiring authors, published through amazon and create-space. In order to bring new writers to an audience and with luck help some or all of them gain an audience of their own. 

From my experience as a recently self-published author I know that your first audience is family and friends. Social media being the wonderful tool it is, you can reach friends and family like never before, but getting beyond them is more of a challenge. You can ask them to spread the word, and they will do so, because their family and friends, and through them you can gain new readers. It is a slow process but if you have worked hard, written a good story, and are lucky, your audience can grow this way over time. 

Being part of an anthology brings and advantage to this model of publication. Instead of your work just reaching your friends and family to start with, it also goes out to the family and friends of other writers in the anthology. Broadening your readership, and the ability for that readership to grow through word of mouth. It also offers new writers a chance to be published and a stepping stone from which to build.

Of course an anthology is somewhat limited as a concept without writers. So with that in mind here are the submission rules:-

Submissions should be between 5000 and 10000 words.
Shorter or longer submissions will be accepted but they are the broad guide lines.
Submissions should be properly proof read for typos and grammatical errors.
Editorial choices as to what gets included will be final, but if we like your story and think it will fit better with some tuning we will contact you with our suggestions.

Genre wise I will accept any with the exception of erotica. Readers are generally a broader church than strict genre lines. Happy to read many different genre's and enjoy them equally, but I don't want any 'surprise erotica' to turn up in the middle of the anthology when people are not expecting it.

The anthology, for want of another name is going to be called Twisting Dark. Which should be considered a guide to the kinds of stories I am looking for. Namely stories with a twist at the end, and a dark lint, but that is a broad scope, which should allow people lots of ground to be creative.  


As this project is the first I have undertaken I am unable to pay people for their work, and i am funding my time and costs from my own pocket.
 However :-
The book will be published in print and ebook form.
80% of royalty profits will go into a pool for all the published writers and be split evenly.
The remaining 20% will be used to pay for costs, art, editing and proofing of the book etc.

Time scales.

We are open for submissions now, and will remain so until we have the content we are looking for. However as a guide I am looking at two months for submissions. Then a month or two to format, collate and edit the anthology.

To submit, or if you have questions, email me at