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Friday, 11 September 2015

Welcome to Esqwiths

So i finally completed the first draft of 'the passing place' which is a working title I should add.
I started this about five years ago, having hit on the core idea while walking at 3 am with my girlfriend ( now fiancée) through the streets of Middlesbrough on a warm summers night.
Over the last five years I have kept coming back to it, the main hiatus been while I was writing Cider Lane through its various drafts. Though I have jumped about with other projects as well over that time.
It has been a long old road but technically at least my second novel is now written, several redrafts not withstanding.
This is the novel I wanted to write, as opposed to Cider Lane which is the novel I wrote. Which is not to say I am any less proud to have written Cider Lane.
The hardest thing with this novel has been knowing when to stop. The original idea has spiralled around so many times as have the characters that it has grown it different directions.
It is a story about stories and the power of stories.
So as you may expect it has a lot of stories within it.

Now I am faced with redrafts, book cover designs, finding a good proof reader, publicity and all the other things that go with been an indi author.

So as I am in a position to do so I am going to keep a journal of  the process here, on the chance it will help others who are looking to do the same.