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Monday, 21 December 2015

Paying for all this

I don't blog here to make money. I do it to raise awareness of my own work and the work of others and to share thoughts and interests with the world a little.
Occasionally I try to be insightful, but mostly stay off politics despite it being a personal passion of mine. there are political blogs everywhere, I try and stick mostly to the arts and entertainment, therefore.
This is why my blog does not swim with ad's like some I could mention.
I took the choice when I set it up to limit ads to a sidebar and between individual posts, Never between the text of a post as is so common these days. Trying to read some sites is like negotiating a minefield of advertisements, particularity on the phone or a tablet. They slow down the loading speed and detract from the blog itself as a rule. And every now and again you can click on an ad just trying to scroll to the next interesting bit of the accrual blog your reading.
I know why people set up their sites like this. Indeed, from one perspective it makes perfect sense. Sit authors get a cut  of advertising clicks, if you set up your blog to be swamped with ads, all the more chance people will click on things, half the time without realising they are doing so. And that is  without the auto ad's that you get on some sites.
It detracts from the internet experience, and as the experience I am trying to give is 'listen to this, read this, enjoy this.' it seems counterproductive, and so I keep the ads as discreet and none invasive as I possibly can.
So why have ads at all? you are probably asking. Well firstly I don't really have a choice, Google runs the blog and they will post ad's regardless, and sites without ad's count lower on their algorithms, as the point is to reach people blocking all ad's is, therefore, counterproductive.
Also, it is a revenue stream, all be it a very small one, which all helps add to my chances of making a living with my writing. Slim though they may be.
When I say a small one I mean just that. in the last year, I have made about £8.50 on ads. Even with my growing readership the ad revenue is very small. Not that I care a great deal, as I don't blog to make money, but it all helps.
Anyway, basically this is a small request, if you like my blog, enjoy the reviews, find some of the waffle interesting. Then please, every now and again, click on an ad. you don;t have to read it , or pay it any mind , but it will contribute in a small way to the time I spend on the blog being profitable. Which in turn would allow me to invest more time in the blog.
So click on an ad when you're feeling generous :)