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Thursday, 26 May 2016

Making movies

It seems everyone these days has a video advert for their novel. Which in a world of a thousand channels, streaming movies to our phones, You Tubers, facebook, twitter and attention spans which flicker like dying light bulbs make some sense. 
If you want to catch the attention of your audience, then video is the go-to medium for everyone.Even small local bands make videos for their songs because no one really expects people to listen with their ears alone. We are used to the visual medium after all. 
Yet I am a writer; my medium is words and painting pictures with them. Pictures coloured in by the reader mind, and if I have done my job right, made personal by the reader. Their own movie, better than any I made of my words could ever be, for each one of them.
Making a movie, that's outside my  norm, but to get my novel out to a wider audience, I more or less am obliged to at leats try. Though to be fair I love messing around with technology and software and trying to make things so this is not a chore exactly.   the results below , a little rough and ready but hopefully gives people a glimpse of what lays between the pages of +Cider Lane....

No danger of me becoming the next Spielberg or J.J.Adrams.
And it needs music of some kind , but thats a task for another day