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Tuesday, 31 May 2016


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A young girl is isolated by a hostile world. She watches a car burning, consuming all she knows. Grief-stricken she wanders, lost, and alone, her mind withdrawn into darkness. Fleeing from a world which has made her an outcast. Seeking only a refuge from other people.
Meanwhile a traveller, homeless, damaged by his past and living on the fringes. Seeks solace in solitude. Carrying the regrets of his yesterdays with him. Walking the roads to the lost places, as abandoned by the world as he.
Fate draws them together in Cider Lane, a place long forgotten by the world. Amid ruins of the past they must learn to trust in each other. If only they can. While the world is ever waiting to crash in on them once more.
Because the world never forgets anyone for long.
A novel of the lost and the broken. Of sharing the silences, talking to the stars, and the importance of tin openers.

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