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Mark Hayes was born in Yorkshire on the day Julius Caesar was murdered. Though these two events are unrelated and separated by 1926 years, he has occasionally been known to mention the assassination of the great dictator in relation to his birthday all the same.

He now lives in Teeside close to the river and next to a bird sanctuary he has never visited. with a black cat called Boomer who likes to stop him typing by sitting on his lap and demanding attention. The recent addition to the household of a kitten called Storm who doesn't so much as demand attention as claw its way up Marks back when he is sat at the computer has not helped with the typing.

He has been getting better at updating his blog, and still gets constantly distracted by Facebook, net-flicks and the internet in general. he would procrastinate more if only he could find the time to do so.

Mark is also doing a degree with the open university in Politics , philosophy and economics. Mainly out of a desire to understand what the hell the people in charge think they are doing with the world. If he can manage not to procrastinate too much he even manages to get essays written in time.
In-between writing, reading, and generally failing to study hard enough he has endless obsessions with everything from Doctor Who to steam punk to Cuthulu.

Cider lane: Of Silences and Stars is the first novel he has managed to complete, he hopes to finish one of the other dozen or so he has sitting on his hard drives at some point.