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The remarkable adventures of Hannibal Smyth 

"Also let me be honest for a moment at least, so there is no lie between us at this early juncture. I was for all my protests, as guilty as the devil."

So says Hannibal Smyth as he reflects upon his life and in particular the position he finds himself at the beginning of his adventures. Erstwhile Flight Lieutenant of the Royal Airship Navel Service before his unfortunate incarceration at the behest of her Imperial Majesty's Government for murder, corruption and arson of the queens dockyards. A cad and a bounder of the first order, long content to line his own pockets while pretending to the world that he is a fine upstanding officer and a gentleman.His one real regret, that he got caught. He sits in a condemned cell awaiting his execution, measuring his remaining life in hours and wondering if the guards only spit in his breakfast that morning.
Unexpectedly a lifeline is offered to him in the form of a mysterious gentleman called 'M' whose real name is a state secret. A chance to work for the 'Ministry' , yes that one, the one that doesn't technically exist but keeps the 200-year-old Queen Victoria firmly on her throne.  
Though when it comes to the crunch Mr Smyth starts to think he may have bene better off taking the short walk to the noose instead. 

This is a work in progress. A tale of ridiculous proportions, pulp steampunk narrated by a main character with the morals of a politician, and less honorable intentions. It's Flashman with tesla coils, airships, and H.G.Wells. In a world where good Queen Vic never died thanks to a liberal use of clock work and the Empire of Great Britain never fell, instead ruling in all its dark satanic majesty. Corupt to the core and in the hands of black-hearted men who seek to make damn sure the sun never sets on glorious Britannia, indeed never sets at all if they can help it.  It may never be finished because I am writing it for nothing but fun, but I will periodically update te progress