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As I have decided to read and review the Complete works of H. P. Lovecraft's  fiction, this page is full of links to the blog posts in question. the scores ( in tentacles )  for each short story, novella or novel. As well as any extras that crop up along the way in terms of Lovecraftian posts. A kind of one-stop shop for all your Lovecraftian needs. While you can find it all on the main blog pages, this is an easy way to find your way around.


The original idea   blogged 1/1/2017 
The Beast in the Cave   blogged 3/1/2017 short story  2 tentacles
The Alchemist   blogged 4/1/2017  short story  3 tentacles
The Tomb  blogged 6/1/2017 short story 5 tentacles
Dagon blogged 9/1/2017 short story 6 tentacles
A Reminiscence of Dr. Samuel Johnson blogged 9/1/2017 short story 0 tentacles
Polaris  blogged 14/1/2017 short story 4 tentacles

Coming soon

Beyond The Wall of Sleep
Old Bugs
The Transition of Juan Romero
The White Ship
The Street
The Doom That Came To Sarnath
The Statement Of Randolph Carter
The Terrible Old Man
The Cats of Ulthar
and all the rest...